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Never let any moment about the development of your child go lost or remain inaccurate with this FREE app.

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Childstones lets you capture all of the important moments of your child's development and are available at the touch of a button, wherever and whenever you need them.

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Never miss a beat on capturing the development of your child.

Get reminded to capture moments

The milestones in your child's development are important. Get reminders on when to capture them.

Record Behaviors

From within Childstones, record and save your child's behaviors as indicated by the app.

Play whenever needed

Whether you want to play back memories or you need them to show your child's doctor, the moments are only a click of a button away.

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in the market

With this unique and FREE app, you will be able to capture the milestones in the development of your child, show it to your child's healthcare professional or share it through email.
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The Childstones app offers you all the features to record and capture your child's development. This can be very helpful when a healthcare professional needs to get information from your child's past to make an assessment on his or her development.

Free Sign up/

Childstones is 100% free to use. There are no hidden costs or fees.

Capture Video/

Easy to capture the videos of your child's development and his or her milestones.

Add Existing Video/

You can add a video that you captured in the past to complete the current milestone.

/Multiple Children

Do you have more than 1 child? You can easily add them in Childstones.

/Get Alerts

Receive notifications when it is time to capture important moments.

/Email Video

Share the video through email from within the Childstones app itself.

Visit the App Store™, download the Childstones app for FREE and start recording your child's progress within minutes.

Only available for iPhones in the App Store™.


We would like to thank the following specialists who encouraged the development of our app.

Marilyn C Agin, MD, FAAP

Neurodevelopmental Pediatrician
New York City, New York
Author: The Late Talker

Jennifer Cross, MD

Child Development Specialist Attending Pediatrician at New York-Presbyterian Phyllis and David Komansky Center for Children's Health / Weill Cornell Medical Center
Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics at Weill Cornell Medicine

David W Hammer, MA CCC-SLP

Director of Professional Development and Speech Services
Childhood Apraxia of Speech Association of North America

Dawn Learsy, MD, FAAP

Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician
Fellowship in Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics at Yale Medical School.
New York City, New York

Mark Freilich, MD

Developmental Pediatrician Total Kids Developmental Pediatric Resources
New York City, New York

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